Having the right grip in delivering fantastic camera shots with an iPhone can be a challenge. The MyRig is up to the task with its unique features, a perfectly balanced handheld grip and groundbreaking flexible design. The MyRig offers a wide variety of easy to use universal slots, allowing you to mount additional gear such as microphones, lighting, tri- or monopods. In fact, any accessory can easily be attached to the MyRig in the way you want, or circumstances so dictate. The design allows you to navigate the screen options while holding the rig.

The MyRig turns your iPhone into an easy to use camera with unrivalled possibilities. Short film, interviews, quick overview, visual impressions or stable shots, the MyRig is THE tool to support and enhance your iPhone filming skills.

MyRig supports iPhone models 7, 8 and X.

The MyRig is designed by Machiel Martens. He has been a professional cameraman since 1990 and works for both the Dutch and international television market. Professional cameramen are expected to deliver high quality footage, regardless of the circumstances in which they have to work. This is only possible if you have the best camera equipment and supporting materials. Machiel has been following the development in film possibilities of mobile phones. The quality of smartphone cameras has improved, but there are still limitations in terms of sound, light and stability. This created the idea to develop the MyRig.

The professional iPhone handheld gripping tool.